And, Of course, Mickey Mouse Monday!

Whenever I go on vacation, its hard for me to get back on my writing schedule. I don’t worry about it, but I still feel like it breaks up my posts too much. This week, I am back to my three posts and hopefully, I’ve got some great insight for you all.

First off, I had taken a break from commission work. I hadn’t really offered it unless someone came to me and asked. Honestly, I had only been doodling on occasion for maybe 10 minutes in the evening. Keeping my creativity dripping–definitely not flowing. When I do this, I can tell because I develop a strong desire to create. The funny thing about that is its usually strongest when I am at work. For those that don’t know, I am a Senior Analyst at Ralph Lauren Corporation and I primarily manage our UPC use. Anyway, when I get home form work, I MIGHT spend half an hour in my studio or I might prepare dinner and sit on the sofa. The sofa has been winning. I want to change that so I opened up commissions for the holidays (or for now) for Home and Pet portraits. I already have some on deck to begin this week. YAY.

This lack of creativity has also kept me from developing anything for the TAG Art of the Bicycle show. I participated in this juried show last year, but just haven’t been able to come up with something. It may be because I worked hard on three pieces to submit and only one was selected. I thought about submitting them again, but then I had an idea that would fit in with my style and the theme of this show. Stay tuned and see if I get it completed in time to submit by Friday. If selected (early August), I won’t share it until the show opens on August 27th.

Mondays are for Mickey Mouse and Monorails. I can’t help but think about Disney on Mondays. Mondays are usually our day to leave and drive home….the saddest part of our vacations. So here is a little bit of the joy for your Monday!

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