I am a self-taught artist based in High Point, North Carolina.  My passion for creativity and design runs deep.  I love bright colors, patterns, and textures, especially in interiors and architecture.  My favorite courses during my Interior Designs days at East Carolina were the historic interiors classes and the creative labs where we would focus on color theory.  My primary medium is watercolour on paper, but I also love acrylics on canvas and paper, as well as various illustrations in pen and marker.

You know when you hear a song that makes you so happy it transports you back to a time in your life when you felt free and happy? My childhood is that place and music is that time machine. I am often inspired by things from my childhood, but more than anything, the soundtrack of my life. I was introduced to music at a young age through my uncles. From the Beatles to the Beach Boys to the BeeGees, and everything in between, I listened to it all and was immediately excited by it. Music is a constant in my life and almost always playing in the background of my day–yes, all day at work and always while I am creating in my studio. I love all genres and each has a special influence on me. Music and specific memories of my childhood definitely inspire my work. My work celebrates the good ol’ days and encourages others to remember when….life was a little easier and a lot more fun!

I am a constant doodler, as doodling fuels my ideas and sparks my creativity.  You can find my doodles on my Instagram (@lauriemendenhallart).  Original art for sale and commissions always welcome!  Please contact me with any questions.

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”  -Brene Brown